Rewdale Precision Tools Quality Policy:

We will achieve Customer Satisfaction through Quality Products by being cost effective and meet the ever-changing needs of customer through continuous improvement of processes, and product by involving everyone in the organization.

Rewdale Precision Tools products are manufactured in a modern plant, employing state-of-the art manufacturing technology. It is our endeavor to meet and exceed customer expectations with continuous improvements in quality-productivity-innovative designs and prompt delivery.

Our Quality Policy is an expression of this commitment.

To provide superior Quality we established elaborated Quality Management System, which is practiced covering all the stages of design and manufacturing process from raw materials procurement to final packing.

Rewdale Precision Tools is ISO 9002 certified in June 1999. We continue compliance to all ISO 9002 requirement since that time.


Quality Standards:

The collets are manufactured to highest levels of precision to provide best performance. They meet all requirements of international standards, such as DIN 6499, DIN 6388 as well as industry accepted standards for double angle, Tight Grip & Flex collets.

The collets are manufactured in normal, precision, high precision and ultra precision ranges. This allows to address wide spectrum of industry requirements.

Stage wise inspection is carried out at all phases of manufacturing process to ensure conformance to dimensional tolerances as well to consistency of production process. To maintain the taper or the collets within the tolerance band in accordance to DIN 7178, electronic pneumatic gagging system are employed for inspection at grinding stage.

We employ 100% inspection of all collets at final phase to ensure that the runout values for each collet is maintained within the acceptable limits. This is followed by a thorough visual check before the collets are sent to finish goods stores.